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1st Course for Fishing Guides


Pescatour 1694” is a territorial project aimed at enhancing fishing as a tourist motivation. The Municipality of Tenda (leader), the Municipality of Valdieri and FIPSAS (Italian Federation of Sport Fishing Underwater Activities and Finswimming) are partners of the project.

In every important fishing destination professionals work  to ensure the best fishing experience by advising and accompanying guests on request. “Fishing guides” are also a very important development factor for the “Pescatour 1694” project; for this reason, the project partners have considered it strategic to activate this path to establish the “Fishing Guides” system. The figure of the fishing expert, guide or fishing companion is not a regulated profession, therefore free in compliance with the general rules.

Joining the “Fishing Guides” course does not constitute a qualification for a profession but it is  the qualitative accreditation of experts in the system, in compliance with a disciplinary of adhesion and collaboration.

Fishing Guides system

These experts are exclusively those verified through the envisaged accession path. The conditions for joining include the sharing of project objectives and the full commitment to carry out the collaborative functions and/or the operating conditions specified below. Publication of a personal online presentation page of the expert with these contents:

  • Short personal presentation and curriculum on fishing
  • Standard photography
  • Spoken languages
  • Fishing techniques to practice with experience
  • Main action fishing areas
  • Availability calendar
  • Service fee
  • Customer reviews and responses

Availability, as far as possible, of wearing the  uniform at fairs and events in order to collect a first contact with potential customers, and being aligned with the offers of  package trips.

The training path and the result to be obtained are the same of “TRENTINO FISHING GUIDES”. For reference see

Organizational information

The study  path in presence, in the classroom and on the territory, will be developed over several days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) according to the specific pre-established calendar. The lecture days will be alternated between Tenda and Valdieri.

Attendance at all lessons is mandatory.

The topics covered in the study are:

  • Tourism marketing, organizations, roles, strategies. In-depth focus on the Fishing system: vision, method and objectives.
  • Legal framework governing sport fishing. Regulations. Fishing concessions regime, role of fishermen’s associations, types of reserves, fishing permits.
  • Geography, basins and waterways, conservation areas, fish species, protection, reproduction and spawning activities.
  • The figure of the Fishing Guide abroad and in Italy, characteristics, roles, experiences, ethical principles
  • Responsibility for accompaniment in tourism. The various regulated and unregulated professional figures, the experiences adopted to consciously deal with the question of responsibility.
  • Typical risks associated with the use of natural fishing environments; risk assessment on a subjective basis (accompanied persons); autonomy, experience, personal problems, equipment.
  • Basics first aid
  • Fishing techniques, equipment and new trends
  • Talk about fishing in English

Participation in the course of study is 50 hours developed according to the calendar attached.

The discipline of conduct and collaboration is to be signed for the formal adherence to the Guide System. A final test is planned. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of frequency and profit for fishing guide.

Course admission requirements

Admission to the course  includes the following mandatory requirements

  • Major age
  • High experience in fresh water fishing and in various techniques, described in a self-declared fishing curriculum
  • Italian and/or French fishing license
  • Knowledge of the English language (minimum level of autonomy B1/ B2)

Membership path – Presentation terms

The admission step is scheduled for October 2020. The joining process involves the following steps:

October 10, 2020: deadline for submitting membership application. The application form must be submitted no later than 10.10.2020 by filling in the appropriate “Application Form” with an attached Curriculum Vitae to be sent by email to the address

October 30, 2020: publication of the ranking list of  the selected students  (16 places available, 8 Italians and 8 French). During this period, admission interviews will be held for some candidates to verify the veracity of the information contained in the required documentation and to better understand the personal reasons related to the initiative.

  • Candidates admitted: the course is free (all the expenses  – registration, food and lodging, boxes/lockers for the equipment – are paid by the Organization) and will take place at the Fishing Houses of Tenda and Valdieri with a double fly fishing and spinning equipment available to the Fishing Guides for the essential fishing equipment for guided guests without specific equipment
  • Study path
  • Final verification test
  • Formal adhesion to the Guide System with the signing of the disciplinary of behavior and collaboration.

Admissibility and merit ranking

Once the requests  are collected, an “Evaluation Commission” will be set up, composed of the members of the Organization of the Course, the Director of the course Giorgio Cavatorti, Omar Gade, Guide, the general Coordinator of “Pescatour 1694” project, Simone Ardigò, and the International Guide Luca Castellani, to draw up a ranking list ( 100/100 on 5 parameters)

  • Experience and skills 20 points
  • Foreign languages 20 points
  • Motivation 20 points
  • Potential 20 points
  • Presence 20 points

The ranking of the selected for the course will be published not later than October 30, 2020 (16 places available) and a formal comunication will be sent to all the candidates.

Application form

Course application must be submitted no later than 10.10.2020 by filling in the appropriate “Application Form” with an attached Curriculum Vitae to be sent by email to the address

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